Amber Fish Style Earrings

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  • It is a liquid at first, which issues forth in considerable quantities, and is gradually hardened.
  • Our forefathers, too, were of opinion that it is the juice of a tree, and for this reason gave it the name of succinum and one great proof that it is the produce of a tree of the pine genus, is the fact that it emits a pine-like smell when rubbed, and that it burns, when ignited, with the odour and appearance of torch-pine wood.
  • The process in blue amber is surprisingly similar to phosphor.
  • It occurs in different colours, and is widely used for making jewellery and other ornaments.
  • Subfossil copal can be distinguished from genuine fossil amber because it becomes tacky when a drop of a solvent such as acetone or chloroform is placed on it.

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